Miodosytnia – place with history

Following the thorough renovation of its
more-than-700-year-old facilities, Miodosytnia was opened to the public in
August 2010. There is a saying that King Casimir the Great, \”found Poland
built of wood, and left her in stone\”.It was exactly during his reign that
Krakow became too cramped for its thriving craftsmen and tradesmen and eventful
city life, even though it boasted the Market Square, which even today remains
the largest in Europe. Thus, the king granted city laws to the newly founded
Kazimierz in 1335. Adjacent to the town’s market square (today’s Plac Wolnica)
and parish church (today’s Corpus Christi Basilica) a building was erected
which,after nearly seven centuries,is now offering a unique 21st-century
luxurious experience steeped in the magic of a quaint patio. For more than 200
years, exquisite mead, or honey wine, was brewed in the building’s cellars.
Hence our name, Miodosytnia, which means a place where such mead is produced.